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This website more focused on Minecraft builds for download.
Occasionally the site can also host many different articles about News/Technology/Software/Reviews and even Recipes.
This site also supports DestructiveBurn Youtube channel.

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Raspberry Pi Projects

Raspberry Pi is one of the coolest little single board computers for a fairly cheap price!  I personally like RetroPie the most for gaming and the desktop.  Some people have built robots, smart mirrors, and other super cool things.   Perhaps there might be a future review on something like that.
I have a few types of projects and how to posts from Pixel Desktop, Themes & RetroPie including my own type of Smarti Pi projects.

More types of these projects will come with time!

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Product Reviews

I do a lot of review types.   Mostly technology reviews. It could be something simple like a card shuffler to a PCI-E Express device for a motherboard.
I go through everything I can, even some things need to be modified or fixed to finish my reviews.  Most of all product reviews come with a video.   I'm not sponsored.  These are just things I needed and paid with out of my own pocket.

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The Shop


Minecraft Builds for Download

Minecraft is one of my highest favorite games ever created.
I've been playing this game since 2010 on PC Java Edition and the very beginning of the Xbox 360 in May 2012.   Minecraft is in my blood and I'll continue to play it.
Since Minecraft is a game you can get creative and build anything you desire out of blocks, the coolest part is, you can share your creativity with others.

In the shop, I have Maps, Schematics for Xbox 360 / PC Java Edition and the Schematics can be imported into your world with MC-Edit.
Enjoy the creativity I have created.  Download for free or choose a donation price if you want to help support me and the site.

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Corners Of The Interwebs I'm Located At


Youtube is one of the most active locations I'm at.
I love making videos.  All though, my channel is not dedicated to just one type of thing, I can at least say there is a variety of content for all types of people!  I do Minecraft videos, Unboxing Videos, Reviews, Projects, Repairs, Storm, Destruction DIY builds.  Depends on what I'll add.

Some of the content I make on Youtube may need further detailed information, so this is where this site comes in to continue the detailed reviews or share some of the downloads.

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One of my favorite hobbies is customizing other websites CSS and making those sites dark.  To do this, I use an extension on Google Chrome called Stylus.  What's great about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is that's what holds most of the sites colors, fonts, sizes and so much more.   One of the best CSS codes are called: !important;  This code overrides by ignoring any original UI styles in CSS and gives you the ability to alter the sites UI to what you like.  Size and Colors.

This is were the extension Stylus or Stylish comes in.  You can make your own styles and every time you load that site you will see your changes.  Most popular is creating dark site themes.   You can share them on a site called Userstyles.org or install other peoples themes, like mine.

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Just like Youtube.  I have a channel on facebook that's similar to my channel.   Here is where I upload current projects, other interesting things that that I'll not post on Youtube.  Even some videos I upload to Youtube also get uploaded to the Facebook account.  It's small but maybe one day it will become bigger.  I rather post here as I can fit more random content.  But my Youtube channel will be a more detailed professional place I'll upload my better quality videos too.

Check out the main page here:
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I use Instagram for uploading some of my photography photos.   If you want to see them please do.  Most have been taken with the Nikon Coolpix S9700 and now will be with the Nikon Coolpix A1000.

I've taken images like:

  • Northern Lights
  • Animals
  • Purple Sky
  • Sunsets
  • Plants
  • Moon

So so much more beauty.

Just search up this name on Instagram:


From time to time I'll post something on Twitter.   Some of the projects build I post on Facebook also at times gets posted on Twitter.    I don't like twitter much because it lacks the ability to let a user create a more informative post with extra text and images.   So I rarely use it.  But I do check up on it almost every day.

Check out my Twitter here