Information About DestructiveBurn

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my small corner of the internet.
Most know me by DestructiveBurn.
My actual name is: Chris

Who I’m I?
I’m a small Youtuber who loves building DIY projects, Being creative and building something cool.   I’m just a casual person like most of you who are – “Jack of all trades master of some” kind of guy.  I’m not a popular person and I’m not trying to be.  Unlike some, I actually reply back to all questions and or at least try and help those who have questions on certain things I know about!

Down below you will learn more about me and a bit of information about this site and others.  I go into quite a bit of detail about myself but of course not everything.  Enjoy the read.



Youtube is one of my hobbies.  I don’t see it as a job, I see it as a place I can share information on topics or things I review at my own paste.  I’ve been making videos on that platform since 2007 with one of my older accounts.  Back then, I used to record videos on a camcorder pointing at a CRT TV showing glitches on games like Halo 3, GTA 4 and many others.  Those were the days that you can record videos with copyright songs and get away with it.   Times have changed.    All the videos I made back then up to 2010 have been deleted and no longer exists.

On Mar 8/ 2010 I created a new Youtube Channel Called DEVOXxCANADAxX now known as DestructiveBurn.  Again, I made amateur videos for the first few years of the channel.  Most have been deleted.  I have left a view though.  Now I make better quality videos and get to the point on what I talk about.  Especially for review videos, I do!   That’s one thing I hate on Youtube, reviews on videos that extend so long before they get to the point or they never do.  Some just miss a lot of important parts.   I try to review every little detail.  If I cannot do it in a video, I extend the review in the Blog of this website to make the review even more complete.

I’m not a perfectional video editor, but I have learned a lot over the years.  My editor of choice is Cyberlink PowerDirector versions.   I have been using them since Windows XP with my first ever Capture Card that I actually still have!  The Old DVD EZMaker By AVerMedia Model No. C036.  I think then it was PowerDirector 5 Deluxe I had with PowerProducer 4 DVD.  At least my account says that.

I have never used Sony Vagas, Adobe Premier or DaVinci Resolve.   However, I also used Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate for a short amount of time back in the day and a few other video editors like Camtasia Studio.

Youtube is a great hobby for me.  One thing I would love to do is stream content.  Sadly, at this time, I cannot as my Internet provider hasn’t updated the lines since 2006.  So my speeds are currently 15MBps Download / 1MBps Upload.  That poor speeds.  (The start of high-speed internet)  I don’t have options to change.  So I’m stuck with what I got.

My main Youtube channel doesn’t just focus on one main topic like a lot of others do.  It’s a multi-category channel.  There is always something there for someone.  In the future, I will have other channels for certain topics.  Meanwhile, I will focus on DestructiveBurn only.



At the current moment.  I own 2 sites.  These sites are:

  • This site
    I’ve owned this site since 2011 and has been my main since!
    This website has a big story behind it.  I’ve been working on this search engine since 2009.   If you want to see the history of SearchThat go here:

I’ve owned other sites in the past but these are the two I focus on in this day and age.  This site is my most favorite and very customizable in the way I see fit.   I hope to fill this site with lots of data over the years that can be useful to come back too and view. used to be called a website I created in Notepad++ to make my own custom search engine that used Googles Search API.  Back then the site was ugly and not really usable.  I’ve learned a lot over the years that led me to know a whole lot in CSS. uses Google Custom Search now and has built-in tools for different types of things.  I learned a lot with CSS / HTML / Javascript and nowadays I’m still learning PHP / Python and MySQL since now I have a more advanced more maintenance website.  What I learned back then, that knowledge really makes my life easier working on this site!


CSS Theme Designs

I do make custom themes for websites like Youtube/Twitter/Facebook and more.

For all the code in the world.  CSS is my most favorite for customizing UI elements.  CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the easiest to work with besides HTML to me.  I love it so much I’ve been doing it for years now and history is where I started.

I love it so much, I’ve been styling other websites custom for years now too.  I’ve been apart of Userstyles since 2013 a site where you can share your CSS themes with others who use an extension called Stylus or Stylish!  Check out my styles here:

One of the best most completed Youtube Dark theme ever created is one I made with the knowledge of CSS I know today! My Youtube Dark Black & Transparent theme.  I recommend checking it out!



There are many hobbies I like.  As mentioned above, “Jack of all trades master of some” kind of guy.  We all have hobbies. These are the ones I love the most.

DIY Hobbies

DIY can be all sorts of things, from Repairs, Kits, Mods, Wood Work and so on.
In this category, you always learn something new.  Even if you did something a lot, there is always that one thing you never knew until you learn it!  I believe everyone out there should learn the ability to fix and repair.  Learning to repair can save money and less trash created.

  • Soldering & Repair is one of my favorite DIY hobbies.
    From creating something to soldering DIY Kits are fun.  You always learn something new and new better ways of doing those types of projects.  The best part, you get to enjoy it after and that feeling that you made something cool.  Soldering and learning is a great way of repairing simple things in electronics instead of sending it to be trashed.  If you cannot fix it, you could try and find someone that can.  If not you may not have a choice.  I like to at least keep some broken electronics and use them as donors for parts in creating something or repairing something else.
  • Wood Crafting is another favorite DIY Hobby.
    I love making all sorts of useful things with wood.  This is a great one to learn.  Build tables, shelves, desks, chests, boxes, and endless ideas.  When you have the right tools, anything is possible.
  • Coding is another one.
    I love to code.  I mentioned that above.  If you want to learn to want to own a website, at least some knowledge is helpful to do the extra tweaks you need to do.  I find CSS one of the most important ones of all.  HTML not a programing language like CSS is, but still extremely important to know.  It’s a markup language.  Knowing a bit of it can help you out with simple tasks.

Gaming Hobbies

Gaming has always been a big favorite for me.  I grew up with an NES and climbed the tree of games from there.  Check out my top favorite games under Top Favorite Things Below tiled Favorite Games.

Video Editing

If you haven’t read Youtube at the top, read that first.  I’m not perfectional at video editing, however, I love to do it when things work properly.  I’ve always delt with issues on Cyberlink Power Director always being slow and unresponsive.  Editing can be a hassle because of it.  I really love to produce Minecraft videos because I can then do some cool detailed edits to go with the beat of the music I select.  You can watch one here with the editor viewable. and you can watch the full video of it here:

Over the years I have become better at it.  I’ll continue with producing videos on youtube for years to come.  I wonder what I’ll be making 10 years from now?


I love taking pictures of cool things.  I love macro shots the most!  I post a lot of my photos to Instagram.  Just search for DestructiveBurn and you’ll find me.  Plenty of birds, trees, flowers and so on there.


Top Favorite Things

Favorite Games

Gaming has always been a big favorite for me.  I grew up with an NES.  These are my top favorite games on these platforms. For PC games, that’s what OS I played them on.

Out of all these games, I find these 10 to be my most favorite from my favorite list! 1 being the best!

  1. The Legend Of Zelda The Windwaker HD
  2. The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess HD
  3. Minecraft PC Java Edition
  4. UNO
  5. Fallout 4
  6. Phantasmagoria
  7. Evil Dead Regeneration
  8. Conkers Bad Fur Day
  9. Stardew Valley
  10. Fable 2


Favorite PC Operating Systems

  • Windows 1.0
    This was the first OS I owned.  I can’t remember on what PC but it was given to me with a Black & White monitor.  I remembered the coolest thing I liked the most about it that wasn’t the games was the big old clock. Yeah, a clock over everything else.  I never used it for anything else besides games like Gunboat and Test Drive.
  • Windows 3.1
    This was the second OS I ever owned.  I was given another more improved PC that had this OS on it.  My first computer with a colored monitor.  I was able to play Gunboat and Test Drive in color.  I was so happy to see the games from a new perspective.  It was amazing.  This is also where I first played with paint.  Can you guess what I made in paint?  I’ll tell you it wasn’t a house or a flower lol.
  • Windows 95
    This was the first operating system my family ever owned.  We had Windows 95 on a 1995 IBM Aptiva 2144-M51.  One of the coolest things I did with that IBM was connect a phone line to the back of it and use the PC as a home phone since it had a mic.  This was the first true Windows OS to have the start menu and UI we have nowadays.   What a great OS.
  • Windows XP
    What a great OS.  My first OS I actually screwed myself on with viruses and learned to be smarter.  That was the first and last OS that got completely infected where I needed to reinstall from scratch. Thanks, Limewire LOL.   It had a super cool option.  Set the background as a website page.   If I remember correctly that was patched in the first service pack because it was a security risk back in the day.
  • Windows Vista (Yes Vista Too!)
    Windows Vista?  You probably think I’m crazy.  When Vista first came out, it did have compatibility issues with printers.  I personally never had an issue with the OS.  It worked great for me. Would I reinstall it and use it?  Probably not because Windows 7 does it better.  At least it had DeamScene built-in.
  • Windows 7 (Top Fav)
    I’ve always loved Windows 7.  It’s always treated me well over the years.  Everything just worked on it without problems.  Extremely easy to mod the UI to something really cool. It really was a great OS.   I’ll miss yeah!  But still, use you because some things still work on that OS that does not in Windows 10.  Personally I loved the Sidebar Gadgets.  It was more refined then Vista was.
  • Windo?s…..te n?  Ok, I guess Windows 10 too when it’s not a buggy mess of issues.
    I have had so many problems with this OS on a few PC’s from Printer driver problems, to the stupid Windows Explorer.exe lag problems when selecting multiple images at once due to Malwarebytes.  It’s sad that basic software can screw the OS up.  However, they have done a lot right.  I love the start menu, taskbar, Xbox chat built-in and true cross-play with Xbox players.  Although this was something they already achieved with Games For Windows Live with the Xbox 360. Nothing new there.


Favorite PC Software (best to last)

  1. Acronis True Image
    This one is on top because it clones my entire Operating system including the others on the boot drive.  If anything would happen from a drive failure to a virus or Windows Updates I can restore from a backup.  It can even clone drives and duplicate that OS onto another hard drive for the same PC or another PC if you add the other PC drivers to it.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE FOR EVERYONE.   BACK UP YOUR DATA!!!! It’s worth it!
  2. Norton
    I’ve had Norton since Windows XP ever since I infected that OS.  I’ve learned since.  Nowadays’s there are many others out there.  I rather choose this one though.
  3. Google Chrome
    My primary browser. I use this one for almost everything.  I use it to style other websites, browse websites, Check messages and so one.   The only thing I hate is the dam SwReporter software_reporter_tool.exe   Google can jam that where the sun doesn’t shine.  You can’t delete it, you cant block it, you can disable it’s privileged till it gets updated again but still always there running in the background scanning and causing performance issues.  That needs to DIE!
  4. Firefox
    I use Firefox for a few things.  Mostly for Disiney+, Netflix, Prime and editing this site.  Good browser.  I have no complaints.
  5. OBS Studio
    One of the best tools I have on my PC.   This one records the desktop, cameras, capture cards and anything you plug into it.  It works great for streaming.   Most users that stream, use OBS.
  6. PotPlayer
    This is the best video player out there.  Supports 4K, 3D, all the updated codecs and the UI is great.   Massive amount of options and you can control the shortcuts.   I have mine set to act like Media Player Classic.  VLC just looks too washed out.  So it will never be on this list.
  7. HandBrake
    This is a lifesaver to me.  This will compress video sides down to a decent size with little quality loss.
  8. CyberLink PowerDirector
    This is the main video editor I use to make videos on Youtube.  I love the UI, Features, and settings.  I just don’t like its performance of being unresponsive at times and lag.
  9. Audacious
    I use this to play my music library I own.  Looks great when you go to Settings / Appearance  / Interface Winamp Classic Interface and choose the skin (Osmosis)
  10. Audacity
    One of the best audio editors out there and it’s free.   U use this for commentary on my videos.
  11. Snagit Editor
    Great editor to take screenshots of your desktop and edit them in its editor.  Really simple to use.  I recommend.
  12. Adobe Photoshop
    It’s Photoshop.  What more can I say?  It edits photos lol.
  13. Topaz photoFXlab
    For Photography, This is a massive good tool.  A small fortune for it too but worth it.  It creates lots of high-quality filters.
  14. Adobe Lightroom
    Another photography tool.  Corrects lighting and colors.
  15. Icaros
    A must-have for all Windows OS Desktops.  This will turn thumbnails like .mp3, .mkv and so on to show thumbnails.  Surprising Windows 10 hasn’t done this yet.
  16. Notepad++
    More advanced editor.  I’ve built in this notepad.   Great for coding line by line or investigating code or whatever.
  17. Picasa 3
    Although Google has removed this, Picasa photo viewer is a must-have.  Looks good previewing photos.
  18. WindowFX
    Wanna get a tad fancy with some effects for windows?  Use this.


Favorite Apps (Android)


Favorite Websites


My Opinion of the World

People are so wasteful

The one thing I see a lot is people can be so wasteful and throw out things that can be easily fixed.  From a table lag that could just need glue and a nail, to a shirt or a rip in a pair of pants that just needs to be sewn together.   Even electronics that might just have a blown fuse, a capacitor that blown and just needs replacing one with the same value and that device will most likely work again.  Even a phone/tv/monitor with a cracked that can gust get a screen replacement if the parts still exist. For a TV a simple unscrew disconnect the ribbon cable and pull the screen out.  Put the new one in, connect its ribbon cable and screw it all back together.  Hell, some people just need to keep things clean and not cramped if it needs airflow.

Some people keep getting new phones every year just because they want something new like some small little feature and just throw out their old ones.  If a computer gets infected, some just trash it and get a new one.  So much E-Waste has been created and 80% of the things that have been trashed probably still work before it was destroyed or dissected for parts in other countries with no protective gear to properly dispose of the parts and create health problems and pollution.