Help / FAQ

This page should help you out on whatever the issue may be.  If not, you can always contact me below.


How to download a Minecraft Map/Schematic?

  1. To download, you first need to find the Map/Schematic from the Minecraft shop here:
  2. Once you find what you are looking for, you have two choices.  You can donate, which helps out the site & the creator or change to $0 to get the content without donating.
  3. When ready, just press (Add to cart) a new button at the top will now show (View cart) click it.
  4. The cart page will now show the content and you will see another button (Proceed to Checkout) click it.
  5. Here you will need to fill out your Real Name & Email. DO NOT CREATE FALSE INFORMATION.  This is used for order information & email reply.  If donations, it’s used for Paypal check out system.
    You can learn more about it here: Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use.
  6. Once you donated or not, you will be sent to your download.


How to import a Schematic?

I’ve gone into detailed information about that here: Full step-by-step tutorial with images for MC-Edit
View blog post here:


Something broken or want to get more detailed help

You can always contact me.  I do respond to everyone who contacts me if they have a question or a suggestion.
Contact me here:
This can also help if something may be broken on the site and you can report it.


Do you like the content on this website and want to help out?

It takes a lot of work to create content and maintaining a site.  Not to mention the costs to keep it running.  Every little donation can help.  I don’t support ad revenue by Google Ads as it pays absolutely nothing and tracks your movement around the web.  So I refuse to use it.   The majority of donations come from the shop.  However, I do get some from the PayPal donation link above the site header on the top bar.   Heres the link:

You can even make monthly donations from there if you like!