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These are some of the main questions I get all the time.  Hopefully, one of them will help you out.  If not, you can always contact me.  Just click on (I Want To Get More Detailed Help)

Downloading Maps/Schematics off is quite easy. Here's how you can do it!

  1. To download, you first need to find the Map/Schematic from the Minecraft shop here:
    You can also just click the shop at the top of the menu bar.
  2. Once you find what you are looking for, you have two choices. Some builds are free and some are not.
    Choice 1: You can charge $5 to any amount including $0 to make it completely free.  It's Your choice on how you want to donate.
    Choice 2: You cannot change the price.  These ones have the price in green.  You will need to pay the full amount.
  3. When ready, just press (Add to cart) a new button at the top will now show (View cart) click it.
  4. Here you will need to fill out your Real Name / Email & Country. DO NOT CREATE FALSE INFORMATION.  This is used for order information with Paypal if you purchase a build.  Also, an email reply to your order receipt.
  5. You can learn more about it here: Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use
  6. Once you paid, you first will be sent to Paypal, after payment you will need to go to My Account / Orders
    If you got it for free, you will be sent to the download page right after.

Currently, this is a tricky one.

When v1.13 was released (Minecraft Aquatic Update) this caused everything to instantly become incompatible.  Mojang changed so much most tools needed to be rebuild from the ground up.  One of the best tools to import schematics was MC-Edit 1.0.   Sadly, it is not supported by anything above 1.12.2
The developers of MC-Edit has been doing just that.  Building a new editor from the ground up.  It's now available but still in beta and not as easy to use like MC-Edit was.  However, the builds on this site are up to 1.12.2 currently.  So MC-Edit is still usable but it's not if you're importing them to any version higher then 1.12.2 Java Edition.  If you are though, It's best to use Amulet Editor (The New MC-Edit) or Litematica.


MC-Edit (World Edit)

This was one of the best world editors for years in Minecraft.  It was the top best in copy and paste, importing and exporting schematics.  Not to mention, deleting large chunks and the extra mod filters just made everything so much better.  It was like a light version on WordEdit mod but standalone with a UI to it.

I’ve gone into detailed information about that here: Full step-by-step tutorial with images for MC-Edit
View blog post here:
MC-Edit 1.0 Direct Download Location:


Amulet Editor (World Edit - New MC-Edit)

Amulet is the new MC-Edit.   It's still in beta, but it has potential.  Currently fully usable but not user friendly like the old UI was in MC-Edit.  Personally, they should've copied MC-Edit fully.   But time will tell.  It's still new.   Supports Java & Bedrock worlds.   Import and Export of Schematics and other Import and Export formats can be used that are more advanced then .schematic



Litematica (PC Java Edition Mod)

Litematics is a schematic mod.  It was designed for a few features but it can also import and export schematics.   Do note: It is not perfect and has problems like, redstone / chest inventories and compatibility with older schematics from MC-Edit.



All Maps/Schematics are built on Minecraft PC Java Edition Only.   However, there are some older builds that are available for Xbox 360 & PS3

It's quite simple.


  1. You need to install Stylus or Stylish.   Personally, Stylus is the best as it was the original design with a few improvements when Jason the founder of Userstyles developed it. Besides, my video is used in the extension stores 🙂 Video
    Download Stylus: Google Chrome / FireFox / Opera
    Download Stylish: Google Chrome / FireFox
  2. Find the styles you want on  (You can check me out here
    Quick Note: After Jason has left, the site had some poor improvements and now the site is extremely slow.  It gets my official slow script addon.  You can install it here: userstyles "Officially Slow Branding"
  3. Once you find the script you want, could be a theme, just press install.
    Some themes like mine here: Youtube Dark Black Transparent has an extra option by the "Install or Update Button" named "Customize Settings" depending on the options created my CSS designers, you can change the font, images and so on from the settings before you press "Install or Update Button".

If you have ever seen these screens before the site, this is explained under the screenshots.

Checking your browser before accessing


One more step

Please complete the security check to access


The Reason

If you have run into either of these screens, you know how frustrating it can be.   I have a good reason why they exist.
The internet is full of all kinds of things like videos, files, information, photos and so on.   However, it's also filled with all the nasties like bad bots.   There are just some of the bad bot intentions.

  • Scraping
    Scraping can cause a lot of problems with SEO Rankings.   These types of bots will highjack content, tags, images and so on.  They use this information on making clone sites, fake sites for malicious purposes and so on.  This can cause your Rankings in Google to fall.  This means you won't be found on the first page of that topic that was searched for.   Google wants original content.  Not duplicates.
  • SQL Inject
    These bots are designed with a harmful purpose.  They are programmed to find Vulnerabilities in websites.  Some are designed to find existing ones, some find new ones.   When they find them, they can inject it's code or call home to the creator that will then hop onto your site and do the work for themselves.Once they get in, their intentions could be anything from Defacing the site, Injecting Malware, Adding a Backdoor, Do what they want with your database, try to access your file structure, redirect your site to malware downloads, use your server to hosts there bots and so on.  Some do it for the lulz and some do it to make money.


Are there good bots?

Yes, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other main search engines have good bots.  These bots you want to crawl your site 'To some intent' they can get quite nosy as they try to find everything they can.   If they don't, your site and its pages will most likely never be found on a search engine because it never crawled your site and indexed the pages.


So why I'm I seeing these screens?

The problem is, these bots use Cloud Servers, VPN Servers, Amazon, Google, Microsoft Azure,  Other Hosts, Other Infected Sites and even Broadband ISP's (Your Internet Service Providers)
With that amount of servers, it makes no sense in blocking IP's as just say one Cloud Server could have thousands of IP's.  Blocking 1 might block that attack, but for how long?  They can just use another IP and another and so on from that server. Blocking ASN (Autonomous System Numbers) blocks the whole list of IP's so that the Cloud Server and all of it's IP's are now firewalled from the site.

There is a problem blocking ASN though.  Say you block Amazon CloudFront ASN.  All sites from that server cannot fetch anything from your site.  So things like website speed testers on those servers would be completely useless scanning your site unless you whitelist the IP's to that scanner.    This is a problem as well with people who use VPN services.   I have blocked a lot and continue to do so because of these bots.   If you use them, you will most likely see these pages before the site.

Sadly, I'm seeing an increase in Broadband now.  I'm not sure if it's from infected PC's, Home Servers, infect the ISP's but I hate to add a Captcha to them because you and others view the site using their service.  Truly, there is no good way of going around this problem.


So what does this got to do with you?

Fortunately nothing.  This is just one of the firewalls on this site that filters out a lot of these bad bots before they get to the site.  Adding this to the site reduces the risk of being attacked by Bad Bots.
As I said, there is no good way of going around this.  Everyone's site is bombarded with these problems every day.  Sadly, lots of sites get infected because of it.  I try to take steps against these acts.

If you are a returning customer, I can whitelist your IP.  You will no longer see these screens so long as your IP doesn't change.
Either way, you should be glad to know, I care about security.  A lot of people don't unfortunately.

If you need to get more detailed Help you can always contact me here, or check the live chat and see if I'm online here:
I will respond fairly fast.  So be sure to check your email or if you leave a message in the chat, make sure to check back for a response later.

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Used to separate fake bots from the humans on Planet Dirt.

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