The Minecraft Overcomplicated Machine

The Minecraft Overcomplicated Machine turns a Redstone line on/off. The Overcomplicated Machine uses 4 buttons and it’s completely pointless but cool!

I’ll keep updating this beast.  So keep looking out for updates here!


The Minecraft Overcomplicated Machine Schematic Download

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WARNING: This is a Redstone build.  It has been tested on Minecraft Java Edition 1.12.2
If you are wanting to import this into your world use MC-Edit only.  Do not use import mod plugins as they have issues with Redstone.  I do not support (Minecraft Bedrock Edition)
Your experience may vary.  You have been warned!
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I created this thing because I found just using a lever to turn a Redstone block ON/OFF was lame. So I built the Overcomplicated Machine to do the same thing but in style! If you know how to make Redstone devices this is already simple to you but does create new ideas for your builds.

If you’re new this will help you understand Redstone or blow your mind lol

How does It work?

  • You will see 4 buttons labeled Recharge Droppers, Reset/Off, Phaze 1, Phaze 2
  • Press the button Phaze 1 and wait till Phaze 2 light shows up and press that button. In a few seconds, you can turn off Recharge Droppers. Your sign is now on. To turn it off and reset the system just press the button Phaze 1.
  • Enjoy this Overcomplicated Machine!

The Minecraft Overcomplicated Machine V1.0

  • In V1.0 the sorter machine works but not the best idea to separate blocks. I might have that fixed in future updates to this project!
  • Size: 25x72x41



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