Raspberry Pi Model 3B


80% complete
I released the current version of this build. You will need Minecraft 1.12.2 to view it.  Look below on instructions on how to add it so you can see it.


Raspberry Pi Model 3B Minecraft Schematic

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Reference Board Image

Image credit: Grabcad


I’ve built so many different types of structures from houses, castles, people, pixel art, terraforming, caves and complete worlds like Abadore City by hand.
I have never once built anything like this.  The Raspberry Pi 3B  is the first for me to build a PCB in Minecraft.  This includes the PCB traces.  (Printed Circuit Board  Traces) you know, the lines that send current from and to its destination.

So what I’ll be doing is keeping you up to date on building it here until complete.  Note: the above image is an example of how this build will look.  (That’s if I don’t screw it up lol)


How to install Map

  1. You are going to need Minecraft Java Edition 1.12.2  You can buy the game here: //www.minecraft.net/en-us/download/
  2. After you downloaded the Raspberry Pi 3B zip extract the (Raspberry Pi 3B Try 2) folder from the zip
  3. If you already have Minecraft installed and ready just type in the search (Run) and a run window will pop up in Windows.
  4. Type in AppData and hit enter.  You will see (Roaming) folder.  Click it. You can also search for %appdata% and it will bring you right there.
  5. Open (.minecraft) and navigate to (saves) folder.
  6. Place the (Raspberry Pi 3B Try 2) folder in the saves folder.
  7. Load up  Minecraft and click Singleplayer and select Raspberry Pi 3B New


Stay tuned for more updates!


Update Log

  • May 05, 2019: 80% Complete
    I have a lot left to do but I’ve been at this for months and it’s pushed me away from other Minecraft builds and other projects like the Raspberry Pi build I want to complete.
    At this point, I will be stopping the project until I can get another Raspberry Pi as a template to complete this build.   If you want to help, you can donate by downloading the current version of the world build for Minecraft 1.12.2 Java Edition.  That money will go to another Pi and I’ll continue to finish this.

  • February 12, 2019:
    I had to stop this project as the GPIO pins completely ruined were everything needs to be placed at.  What I mean is that if I’m doing this project I need to also follow the traces on the PCB and I cannot do that because on the left of the Broadcom processor is 20 lines of traces and that screws up were the Processor sites on the board because I need to make the GPIO pins larger.  This was the fatal and ending of this project. So what I did was I took the Image above and turned that into Minecraft blocks.   This is not what I wanted to do, but I do have some experience from tuning an image into 3D from doing this to my Abaore City world which I haven’t completed but you can watch that here: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYF0F-T4I90.
    I find this the lazy way, but it is more accurate on placing everything in the right locations and the size of the layout of that peace.Ok so you are seeing some things below are done in 3D and if you look closely you can see the purple traces.  These will change colors to the bright green you see in the other images below.  In fact, I’ll be using the same blocks and the same type of layout.  If you see those pile of purple traces on the left of the Broadcom Processor that is now correct.  This build is now going the right way.As I said, I didn’t want to do it this way because I know I’m better than this but, I have a month to build it.   I don’t have the time to start over like the way I did it before. This will be a lot faster too.

  • February 6, 2019: Creation of this page.
    I normally don’t add updates to my builds like this unless it’s on the Minecraft groups on Facebook but since this is the Raspberry Pi 3B this build also makes it enjoyable to the Raspberry Pi fans and possibly the Raspberry Pi foundation “if and when they see it”.

  • February 5, 2019:
    By this time the main thing that was going through my head is.  This is a lot of work.  Following the traces of the board makes this almost impossible to make sure everything is exact and in the right locations.   One thing I can say is it’s actually starting to look like the Pi.  I just hope I don’t screw it up.  I still got a lot of hard work to do.  This is just a small section of the Pi.

  • February 2, 2019:
    The first thing I did was build the LAN SMSC chip.  The reason I chose this is the pins are the smallest and they are the same consistent size as the rest of the smallest pins on the PCB.
    Building everything after that made it much more easily.  


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