Church Of The Dead


One of the best-fulled graveyard schematics you can get on Minecraft.   This evil cult plot is perfect for a Halloween build or a spooky build type.


Church Of The Dead Minecraft Schematic Download

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This is one of the coolest evil type builds I’ve done in Minecraft.   Everything from the graves to the tombs and even the vegetation are all inspired on an older build I did that took me 4 years to make on the Xbox 360.   If you want to check out that build I have a playlist on Youtube Here. //

I wanted to make a build for Halloween but unfortunately, with the amount of stuff I had to do in this build, there was no way for me to make it in time on the day of Halloween 2018.  Besides that, it’s a great build to import into your world with MC-Edit.    I have chests all around that can give you extra items for survival and plenty of resources.   Enjoy the build!

The sign in front that is labeled “God Ends Here” is a quote from The Nun 2018 movie.



  • Full Build Size: 221L x 195W x 97H
  • Build On: 1.12.2 Java PC
  • Comes with:
    The church, graves, chests filled, sacrifice alter, end portal, (pentagram), upside-down cross banners, office in the church, plenty of vegetation with dead trees, the graveyard with tombs and a gallows with nooses.


All Items Used

120,Polished Granite,(1:2)
1338,Polished Diorite,(1:4)
109,Polished Andesite,(1:6)
827,Grass Block,(2:0)
48,Spruce Wood Planks,(5:1)
170,Birch Wood Planks,(5:2)
55,Dark Oak Wood Planks,(5:5)
277,Oak Wood (Upright),(17:0)
4981,Spruce Wood (Upright),(17:1)
2,Oak Wood (East/West),(17:4)
1379,Spruce Wood (East/West),(17:5)
1394,Spruce Wood (North/South),(17:9)
3236,Oak Leaves (Decay after Tree Update),(18:0)
14,Oak Leaves (No Decay),(18:4)
4,Birch Leaves (No Decay),(18:6)
2,”Oak Leaves (No Decay, Unused)”,(18:12)
12,”Birch Leaves (No Decay, Unused)”,(18:14)
1,”Dispenser (Off, South)”,(23:3)
854,Dead Bush,(32:0)
120,Wool (White),(35:0)
294,Gray Wool,(35:7)
96,Black Wool,(35:15)
1888,Mushroom (Brown),(39:0)
2087,Mushroom (Red),(40:0)
135,Stone Double Slab (Seamed),(43:0)
8,Cobblestone Double Slab (Seamed),(43:3)
26,Stone Brick Double Slab (Seamed),(43:5)
43,Quartz Stone Double Slab (Seamed),(43:7)
1127,Stone Slab (Bottom),(44:0)
21,Cobblestone Slab (Bottom),(44:3)
1704,Stone Brick Slab (Bottom),(44:5)
2306,Nether Brick Slab (Bottom),(44:6)
709,Quartz Slab (Bottom),(44:7)
1628,Stone Slab (Top),(44:8)
1817,Stone Brick Slab (Top),(44:13)
40,Nether Brick Slab (Top),(44:14)
2470,Quartz Slab (Top),(44:15)
392,Moss Stone,(48:0)
16,Torch (East),(50:1)
13,Torch (West),(50:2)
19,Torch (South),(50:3)
17,Torch (North),(50:4)
28,Torch (Up),(50:5)
203,Fire (Age 15),(51:15)
27,Chest (North),(54:2)
35,Chest (South),(54:3)
190,Chest (West),(54:4)
79,Chest (East),(54:5)
624,Redstone Dust (Power 0),(55:0)
2,Redstone Dust (Power 8),(55:8)
2,Redstone Dust (Power 9),(55:9)
34,Redstone Dust (Power 10),(55:10)
1,Redstone Dust (Power 11),(55:11)
1,Redstone Dust (Power 12),(55:12)
1,Redstone Dust (Power 13),(55:13)
1,Redstone Dust (Power 14),(55:14)
5,Redstone Dust (Power 15),(55:15)
6,Crafting Table,(58:0)
2,Furnace (North),(61:2)
2,Furnace (East),(61:5)
72,Ladder (West),(65:4)
131,”Cobblestone Stairs (Bottom, East)”,(67:0)
154,”Cobblestone Stairs (Bottom, West)”,(67:1)
1328,”Cobblestone Stairs (Bottom, South)”,(67:2)
1315,”Cobblestone Stairs (Bottom, North)”,(67:3)
62,”Cobblestone Stairs (Top, East)”,(67:4)
47,”Cobblestone Stairs (Top, West)”,(67:5)
1,”Cobblestone Stairs (Top, South)”,(67:6)
4,”Cobblestone Stairs (Top, North)”,(67:7)
7,Wall Sign (East),(68:5)
4,Lever (Up_z),(69:5)
1,”Lever (Powered, Up_z)”,(69:13)
42,Stone Pressure Plate,(70:0)
4,”Iron Door (Lower, Unopened, East)”,(71:0)
6,”Iron Door (Lower, Unopened, South)”,(71:1)
4,”Iron Door (Lower, Unopened, West)”,(71:2)
6,”Iron Door (Lower, Unopened, North)”,(71:3)
10,”Iron Door (Upper, Left Hinge, Unpowered)”,(71:8)
10,”Iron Door (Upper, Right Hinge, Unpowered)”,(71:9)
3,Wooden Pressure Plate,(72:0)
8,Unlit Redstone Torch (East),(75:1)
8,Unlit Redstone Torch (West),(75:2)
18,Unlit Redstone Torch (South),(75:3)
6,Unlit Redstone Torch (North),(75:4)
29,Redstone Torch (East),(76:1)
24,Redstone Torch (West),(76:2)
21,Redstone Torch (South),(76:3)
21,Redstone Torch (North),(76:4)
38,Redstone Torch (Up),(76:5)
6,Stone Button (East),(77:1)
39,Stone Button (West),(77:2)
23,Stone Button (South),(77:3)
19,Stone Button (North),(77:4)
48,Stone Button (Up),(77:5)
2,Jukebox (Has Record),(84:1)
254,Oak Fence,(85:0)
60,Pumpkin (South),(86:0)
59,Pumpkin (West),(86:1)
71,Pumpkin (North),(86:2)
62,Pumpkin (East),(86:3)
761,Soul Sand,(88:0)
5,”Redstone Repeater (Powered, Delay 1, East)”,(94:1)
214,White Stained Glass,(95:0)
280,Light Gray Stained Glass,(95:8)
6,Black Stained Glass,(95:15)
5,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, False, North)”,(96:0)
10,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, False, East)”,(96:3)
24,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, True, North)”,(96:4)
24,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, True, South)”,(96:5)
49,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, True, West)”,(96:6)
178,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, True, East)”,(96:7)
830,Stone Monster Egg,(97:0)
49,Cobblestone Monster Egg,(97:1)
5380,Stone Bricks,(98:0)
2561,Mossy Stone Bricks,(98:1)
1518,Cracked Stone Bricks,(98:2)
2205,Chiseled Stone Bricks,(98:3)
220,Brown Mushroom Block (All Inside),(99:0)
22,Brown Mushroom Block (Northwest),(99:1)
33,Brown Mushroom Block (North),(99:2)
22,Brown Mushroom Block (Northeast),(99:3)
33,Brown Mushroom Block (West),(99:4)
275,Brown Mushroom Block (Center),(99:5)
33,Brown Mushroom Block (East),(99:6)
22,Brown Mushroom Block (Southwest),(99:7)
33,Brown Mushroom Block (South),(99:8)
22,Brown Mushroom Block (Southeast),(99:9)
275,Brown Mushroom Block (Stem),(99:10)
140,Red Mushroom Block (Northwest),(100:1)
56,Red Mushroom Block (North),(100:2)
140,Red Mushroom Block (Northeast),(100:3)
56,Red Mushroom Block (West),(100:4)
28,Red Mushroom Block (Center),(100:5)
56,Red Mushroom Block (East),(100:6)
140,Red Mushroom Block (Southwest),(100:7)
56,Red Mushroom Block (South),(100:8)
140,Red Mushroom Block (Southeast),(100:9)
112,Red Mushroom Block (Stem),(100:10)
4520,Iron Bars,(101:0)
1,Vines (None),(106:0)
1435,Vines (South),(106:1)
1472,Vines (West),(106:2)
247,Vines (South/West),(106:3)
1470,Vines (North),(106:4)
52,Vines (North/South),(106:5)
185,Vines (North/West),(106:6)
8,Vines (North/South/West),(106:7)
1448,Vines (East),(106:8)
210,Vines (East/South),(106:9)
40,Vines (East/West),(106:10)
22,Vines (East/South/West),(106:11)
170,Vines (East/North),(106:12)
24,Vines (East/North/South),(106:13)
11,Vines (East/North/West),(106:14)
719,”Stone Brick Stairs (Bottom, East)”,(109:0)
659,”Stone Brick Stairs (Bottom, West)”,(109:1)
1126,”Stone Brick Stairs (Bottom, South)”,(109:2)
1140,”Stone Brick Stairs (Bottom, North)”,(109:3)
406,”Stone Brick Stairs (Top, East)”,(109:4)
384,”Stone Brick Stairs (Top, West)”,(109:5)
426,”Stone Brick Stairs (Top, South)”,(109:6)
425,”Stone Brick Stairs (Top, North)”,(109:7)
208,Nether Brick,(112:0)
2,Nether Brick Fence,(113:0)
36,”Nether Brick Stairs (Bottom, South)”,(114:2)
36,”Nether Brick Stairs (Bottom, North)”,(114:3)
16,”Nether Brick Stairs (Top, East)”,(114:4)
16,”Nether Brick Stairs (Top, West)”,(114:5)
30,”Nether Brick Stairs (Top, South)”,(114:6)
30,”Nether Brick Stairs (Top, North)”,(114:7)
516,Nether Wart (Age 3),(115:3)
3,Enchantment Table,(116:0)
1,Brewing Stand (Empty),(117:0)
5,Cauldron (Level 0),(118:0)
2,Cauldron (Level 3),(118:3)
3,”End Portal Frame (No Eye, South)”,(120:0)
3,”End Portal Frame (No Eye, West)”,(120:1)
3,”End Portal Frame (No Eye, North)”,(120:2)
3,”End Portal Frame (No Eye, East)”,(120:3)
3,”End Portal Frame (Eye, South)”,(120:4)
7,”End Portal Frame (Eye, West)”,(120:5)
2,”End Portal Frame (Eye, North)”,(120:6)
4,”End Portal Frame (Eye, East)”,(120:7)
482,End Stone,(121:0)
35,Redstone Lamp (Off),(123:0)
45,Spruce Wood Slab (Bottom),(126:1)
181,Dark Oak Wood Slab (Bottom),(126:5)
22,Oak Wood Slab (Top),(126:8)
23,Dark Oak Wood Slab (Top),(126:13)
2,Ender Chest (West),(130:4)
6,Block of Emerald,(133:0)
985,Cobblestone Wall,(139:0)
272,Cobblestone Wall (Mossy),(139:1)
70,Flower Pot (Legacy Data 15),(140:15)
22,Wooden Button (East),(143:1)
15,Wooden Button (West),(143:2)
11,Wooden Button (Up),(143:5)
16,”Mob Head (Drop, Up)”,(144:1)
2,”Mob Head (Drop, West)”,(144:4)
4,Anvil (South),(145:0)
3,Anvil (West),(145:1)
2,Anvil (North),(145:2)
4,Anvil (East),(145:3)
3,Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate (Power 0),(148:0)
1,Daylight Sensor (Power 1),(151:1)
3,Daylight Sensor (Power 3),(151:3)
9,Daylight Sensor (Power 6),(151:6)
2,Daylight Sensor (Power 7),(151:7)
1,Daylight Sensor (Power 8),(151:8)
1,Daylight Sensor (Power 9),(151:9)
33,Daylight Sensor (Power 10),(151:10)
1,Block of Redstone,(152:0)
1,Hopper (Down),(154:0)
2,Hopper (North),(154:2)
2,Hopper (South),(154:3)
4,Hopper (East),(154:5)
6545,Block of Quartz,(155:0)
633,Chiseled Quartz Block,(155:1)
510,Pillar Quartz Block (Upright),(155:2)
2152,Pillar Quartz Block (East/West),(155:3)
2212,Pillar Quartz Block (North/South),(155:4)
216,”Quartz Stairs (Bottom, East)”,(156:0)
237,”Quartz Stairs (Bottom, West)”,(156:1)
290,”Quartz Stairs (Bottom, South)”,(156:2)
290,”Quartz Stairs (Bottom, North)”,(156:3)
431,”Quartz Stairs (Top, East)”,(156:4)
403,”Quartz Stairs (Top, West)”,(156:5)
1594,”Quartz Stairs (Top, South)”,(156:6)
1587,”Quartz Stairs (Top, North)”,(156:7)
324,Green Stained Clay,(159:13)
598,Red Stained Clay,(159:14)
422,Black Stained Clay,(159:15)
94,White Stained Glass Pane,(160:0)
32,Yellow Stained Glass Pane,(160:4)
48,Lime Stained Glass Pane,(160:5)
14,Brown Stained Glass Pane,(160:12)
467,Red Stained Glass Pane,(160:14)
415,Black Stained Glass Pane,(160:15)
7,”Acacia Wood (Upright, Acacia)”,(162:0)
1050,”Dark Oak Wood (Upright, Dark Oak)”,(162:1)
516,”Dark Oak Wood (East/West, Dark Oak)”,(162:5)
495,”Dark Oak Wood (North/South, Dark Oak)”,(162:9)
37,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Bottom, East)”,(164:0)
39,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Bottom, West)”,(164:1)
44,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Bottom, South)”,(164:2)
63,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Bottom, North)”,(164:3)
9,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Top, East)”,(164:4)
21,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Top, West)”,(164:5)
25,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Top, South)”,(164:6)
16,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Top, North)”,(164:7)
9,Slime Block,(165:0)
14,Sea Lantern,(169:0)
531,Brown Carpet,(171:12)
114,Red Carpet,(171:14)
6,Black Carpet,(171:15)
426,Block of Coal,(173:0)
4,Wall Banner (North),(177:2)
4,Wall Banner (South),(177:3)
5,Wall Banner (West),(177:4)
6,Wall Banner (East),(177:5)
1,”Acacia Fence Gate (Closed, South)”,(187:0)
1,”Acacia Fence Gate (Closed, West)”,(187:1)
1,”Acacia Fence Gate (Closed, East)”,(187:3)
328,Birch Fence,(189:0)
10,Dark Oak Fence,(191:0)
1,”Dark Oak Door (Lower, Unopened, East)”,(197:0)
1,”Dark Oak Door (Lower, Unopened, West)”,(197:2)
1,”Dark Oak Door (Upper, Left Hinge, Unpowered)”,(197:8)
1,”Dark Oak Door (Upper, Right Hinge, Unpowered)”,(197:9)
304,End Rod (Down),(198:0)
146,End Rod (Up),(198:1)
12190,Chorus Plant,(199:0)
2,Chorus Flower (Age 0),(200:0)
16,Chorus Flower (Age 1),(200:1)
8,Chorus Flower (Age 2),(200:2)
6,Chorus Flower (Age 3),(200:3)
1785,Chorus Flower (Age 5),(200:5)
5,Magma Block,(213:0)
5,Nether Wart Block,(214:0)
2,Observer (East),(218:4)
50,Yellow concrete,(251:4)
1809,Gray concrete,(251:7)
1387,Silver concrete,(251:8)
2446,Red concrete,(251:14)
1602,Black concrete,(251:15)
6,minecraft:ender_crystal,No ID
1,minecraft:item_frame,No ID
3,minecraft:painting,No ID
5,minecraft:sheep,No ID


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