Minecraft Structures

  • Abadorian Cliff Tower

    This Abadorian Cliff Tower has plenty of room for 7 people. The Abadorian Cliff Tower has a room full of the chest for your storage. Download Cliff Tower.

  • Portal Redstone Companion Cube

    Portal is one of my favorite mind games and having a companion cube I created some time ago I thought I would rebuild it with Redstone.

  • Avil City (Modcraft) Xbox 360 and PC

    This was my first superflat world.   It has many builds from me and others.  You can tell my building skills are way better these days.

  • Abadorian Pillar Architecture


    When I built this I had one thing in my mind when creating it, Lord Of The Rings Dwarf Architecture Pillar Room but make it completely different.

  • The Houze Xbox 360 & PC

    The Houze was created by one of my old English friends. This was her first large project she ever made in Minecraft. Get The Houze now.

  • Thrillers Strip Club

    Thrillers Strip Club is perfect for your city world. Thrillers Strip Club has one of the best Redstone dance stages on Minecraft. Get It Now.

  • Abadorian Greenhouse

    This Greenhouse is perfect for your world. The Greenhouse has almost everything in version 1.8 for plants inside. This is a fully functional greenhouse.

  • Abadorian Catapult

    This Catapult is perfect for your world. Perfect medieval Catapult for old ancient world layouts. This Abadorian Catapult is inspired by another game.

  • Abadorian Battering Ram

    This Battering Ram is perfect for your world. Perfect medieval Battering Ram for old ancient world layouts. This Battering Ram is inspired by another game.

  • Abadore Castle PC Xbox 360


    This Abadore Castle is created for survival. The center of Abadore Castle is flat for you to build anything the way you want to build it.

  • Abadorian Barn

    This Abadorian Barn is a simple barn to keep your animals in. The Abadorian Barn has a loft and 8 holding cells for your animals.