Minecraft PC Java World

  • Mysterious Floating Islands Spawn

    Mysterious Floating Islands is A custom built spawn that dives deep into the imaginations of your wildest thoughts. Get Mysterious Floating Islands now!

    Read More Below!  More By Builders Unit

  • The Mega Maze World

    The largest mega maze I've created yet. This mega maze only has 3 ways to get to the end. The mega maze is available as a schematic or world.

    This is the world version.  Ready to play.

  • DB Music World PC Download

    Have you been looking for a Music world?
    Well.  I've been building one.

    This word demands power.  I originally was creating it for the Xbox 360 but the console's hardware is not powerful enough to run it.  This means it will lag to the point it will freeze.
    You might possibly need some power behind your PC to run it as well.

  • Grumpkin Jack MM PC Xbox 360 and PS3

    What is up, guys? Here's another epic MM map for you, just make sure you turn FIRE off before you play or the whole map will burn.
    It's been disabled on both Xbox 360 & PC but just make sure it's off on PC.  To do this scroll down to Disable Firespread On PC
    Anyways hope you guys enjoy

  • Alyndrel Xbox 360 & PC World

    Alyndrel is a simple Elven PVP map created on Xbox 360 for both Xbox & PC. Alyndrel was designed for 8 players. Download Alyndrel now.

  • Castle Siege Mini Game Xbox 360 & PC

    In Castle Siege, You have to EARN money to BUY food, armor, weapons, and more! Castle Siege is designed for 8 players. I hope you enjoy Castle Siege.

  • Avil City (Modcraft) Xbox 360 and PC

    This was my first superflat world.   It has many builds from me and others.  You can tell my building skills are way better these days.

  • DestructiveBurn HotFoot Minigame

    DestructiveBurn HotFoot is a fun Minigame. Try to live the longest to beat the HotFoot before it dumps you into lava. Ready for HotFoot Minigame?

  • Cloud Nine Murder Mystery Xbox 360 & PC

    Cloud Nine Murder Mystery is a minigame of Murder Mystery. Guess who the murder is before they start killing people. Get Cloud Nine Murder Mystery Now!

  • Zelda Twilight Gallery 1

    Zelda Twilight Gallery is a gallery from The Legend Of Zelda Twilight HD. Zelda Twilight Gallery are real screenshots taken from the game.

  • Hellable Normal Xbox 360 and PC

    This world Hellable is a hellish world is ready to plant some spooky building on. Hellable has spikes and ready for some epic builds. Get Hellable Now!

  • Hapu Islands Minecraft Xbox 360 and PC

    Hapu Islands is my first Generated world I created on World Painter. It's got an NPC Village, 2 Water Temples, Monster Spawners. Get Hapu Islands now.

  • The Houze Xbox 360 & PC

    The Houze was created by one of my old English friends. This was her first large project she ever made in Minecraft. Get The Houze now.

  • Abadore Castle PC Xbox 360


    This Abadore Castle is created for survival. The center of Abadore Castle is flat for you to build anything the way you want to build it.