Minecraft PC Java Schematic

  • Arcane Beacon Tower

    Arcane Beacon is designed as a normal beacon but with Redstone. The Arcane Beacon Tower shoots out a rainbow-colored beacon. Turn it On/Off

  • Belleview Estate

    Belleview Estate is a complete home with everything you need. The Belleview Estate has two baths, 9-bedrooms, kitchen and more. Get Belleview Estate Now!

  • Hellspawn 2.0 Pentagram

    Hellspawn 2.0 is designed for the nether. Hellspawn 2.0 has rooms for storage or living in.  Hellspawn 2.0 is designed to be a spawn for the nether.

  • Portal Redstone Companion Cube

    Portal is one of my favorite mind games and having a companion cube I created some time ago I thought I would rebuild it with Redstone.

  • Hall Of Death Mansion 2.0


    This mansion was completely rebuilt and took quite some time to complete. All the old trees and inside the mansion was all removed and re-designed.

  • Abadorian Pillar Architecture


    When I built this I had one thing in my mind when creating it, Lord Of The Rings Dwarf Architecture Pillar Room but make it completely different.

  • Abadorian Ship Fleet Pack


    The Ultimate Medieval - Abadorian ship fleet with 6 ships you can download. The Jacet / The Ligier / The Askan / The Gufferin / The Galaile and The Vandran

  • Canada 150th Schematic Downloads

    For Canada's 150th birthday I created some schematics on different sizes you can use. Love Canada? Add the Canada flag in your world.

  • Grande Prairie Alberta Canfor Logyard Crane

    Grande Prairie Alberta Canfor Logyard Crane created for large log mills. I created the Logyard Crane as a tribute to the real one that no longer exists.

  • Yellow Construction Crane

    This Yellow Construction Crane is great for cities. The Construction Crane is made for skyscrapers and more. Get the Yellow Construction Crane now.

  • Thrillers Strip Club

    Thrillers Strip Club is perfect for your city world. Thrillers Strip Club has one of the best Redstone dance stages on Minecraft. Get It Now.

  • Small Scale Of My Real House

    DestructiveBurn Real Home in Minecraft. This Home is designed for looks. DestructiveBurn Real Home is a small scale of the real thing.

  • Rasa Bloom Mansion

    This Rasa Bloom Mansion is perfect for your world. The Rasa Bloom Mansion has 6 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, bar level, tv room/dining, and fireplace.

  • Blinking Christmas Tree City Center

    This Blinking Christmas Tree is one of my best made yet. The Blinking Christmas Tree has 3 modes. Get your Blinking Christmas Tree now. For City Centers.