Mustool G700 Microscope

Mustool G700 LCD Digital Microscope (Banggood)

I picked up the Mustool G700 for taking screenshots and videos of projects currently and in the future.   This will be an honest review from unboxing to the functionality of this device.
I purchased this on Bangood here: WEBSITE LINK.  You will also get some tips and recommendations about this Microscope that will help you out if you do wish to buy it.
This is not a paid promotion.  This is just something that will be useful for my upcoming videos and later down the road.

Before I bought this, I knew this device would need a better stand.  So, I also picked up the Aluminium Alloy Stand Bracket Holder.   Please scroll down for more information on that.
Its titled: Aluminum Alloy Stand Bracket Holder.


Mustool G700



  • When I was sliding out the packing styrofoam from the cardboard case a small random screw came out.  I wasn’t sure what it was for but everything looks to be intact.
  • The Screen protector on the device looks a bit ruff as being scratched and dirty.  Good thing it’s the screen protector and not the screen.
  • The Stand Stem is scratched and dirty.  Again.  Not a problem as I won’t be using the stand anyways.

The Stand Negatives

  • The stand wobbles
  • The locking knob in the back is ready to break.
  • To move the arm holder up/down you really need to force it.
  • The arm bounces.  This is bad when you want to take a photo.
  • The center plate falls out.  It’s not glued but that’s ok.
  • Lacking height room for soldering PCB’s

The Stand Positives

  • The holder arms can be moved out of the way or actually be useful for holding something.
  • Holding the screen till you go out and get a better stand lol.

The worst thing about this stand is it flexes.  This is due to the base being hollow.  So the stem is not sturdy.
The best thing about the stand is the looks.  It actually looks really nice.  Unfortunately, usability overpowers looks.

The Microscope Positives

  • The menu layout is simple.  Perfect.
  • The LEDs are pretty bright.
  • The LCD is bright and looks great for seeing on what you’re doing.
  • The buttons are easy to press.

The Microscope Negatives

  • Menu lacking in options.
  • You cannot disable the Date and Time from the images and video.
    This is my most hated negative about this device!
  • The MicroTF card slot (MicroSD) is horrible.  I say this because you can risk breaking your SD Card trying to push it in. Fortunately, you won’t need to remove it to pull your images and videos off of it.  You can just plug it into your computer.
  • When charging, there is no indication when it completes.   You need to guess.

The manual say’s you can change the brightness of the LCD.  This is untrue. At least with the firmware on my version.  Firmware Version: YPC-X06201801
The LCD brightness is fine but it makes me wonder if there are settings that are supposed to be added but never did with mine.  Like the damn disable time & date.
I cannot find an update and I did contact Banggood.  I haven’t got a reply yet.


PC Setup


PC Camera Record Positives

  • The Date & Time does not show on the videos or images.
  • The ability to see your work on a larger screen.
  • The camera.exe tool doesn’t need to be installed.  Just click and it will run.   The layout is ok.  It could be a bit better.

PC Camera Record Negatives

  • The frame rate “FPS” is horrible.   It’s around 10 FPS
  • The video stream is 1280×720 (720p) and not 1080p
  • The video stream will start spazzing out with random colours.  At first, I thought it was the PC Camera software, but I tried it on OBS and an older version Open Video Capture.
    All 3 do it. So it’s the Microscope software that’s the issue.

PC Camera Downloads

1) Download Windows Camera tool

  1. You can get the Windows Camera tool here: Direct Link or Original Source or Banggood
  2. You can get the Windows Open Video Capture tool here: Direct Link or Original Source

2) Plugin the Mustool G700 and select PC Camera

3) Open camera.exe after extracting it from the zip.

Mustool G700

4) Wait for the drivers to finish.

Mustool G700

4) Select Device: GENERAL -UVC

Mustool G700




  1. I first recommend being careful with adding the SD Card.  You will need to force it into the slot so it clicks into place.  Make sure you have it going the correct way before you start forcing it.
  2. To get a better image.  You can pull the transparent cap off the camera tube to get at the focus lens.
    When you pull that cap off, move the focus ring to the + side so you can see it go past the LED ring.  Twist it in a clockwise position will let you be able to zoom further away from the board.  Mine wasn’t screwed all the way in.   It’s much better on the Aluminum Alloy Stand.

Aluminium Alloy Stand Bracket Holder

I recommend getting this stand.  It’s a must!  Just remember the Camera Tube will not go all the way down as the tube is a bit bigger than the stand bracket holder.
I did a review on this stand here:

Mustool G700


Charging Voltage & Amp Draw


At first, I recommend charging it as the battery is not fully charged.  I recommend a charger with at least 5.1v 2A.
I use this one to power my Raspberry Pi.  Wall Adapter Power Supply – 5.1V DC 2.5A (USB Micro-B).  This is not what I’m using in the image below.
That is Merkury Innovations Quatro 25-Watt 4-Port USB Charger-White Model #RWX09-0504900U

When charging is close to being finished, it will drop to 5.1V 0.630mAh and you should see a battery indicator on the screen showing it’s done.   It’s around 4 hour charge depending on your USB charger.

Mustool G700


Battery Type

If you replace the battery from what the manual say’s you need the 18650 battery type.
The battery that came in this one is the CMICR18650F8 WKD 3.7v 2600mAh.  Should last to around 4 hours before charging.

Mustool G700


Another Video


Do I recommend this product?

With the number of issues, this has I will still say yes if you want to use it for basic things like observing.  For recording no and yes.  It’s really up to you.  If you have one already that works great.  Stick with it.  This one has a lot of problems as I’ll recap below.  Most problems can be done in the firmware update.  If there was one.


List of Problems Recap

  1. The stand is just simply the worst part about this device period.
  2. The Microscope SD Card slot makes you force the card in.
  3. The firmware won’t let you disable the Time & Date
  4. Streaming to the PC is horrible, it flickers, the frame rate is bad and only streams at 1280×720 (720p)

My Thought

  • The Microscope is not 1000x Zoom.  Keep this in mind.  At that zoom level, you would see bacteria.  This scope is around 30x
  • Picture quality is good enough for use on Youtube.
  • Picture quality on the LCD is good.  I have no complaints about that.

What’s my Rating out of 10?

I got to give this a 6 as it is usable. For a basic user, it’s perfect!  But extremely hard to recommend for any others.


Raw Screenshots from G700

Mustool G700

View Raw screenshots here:





Full PDF Manual found here:–.pdf
It’s the same thing as you see below.  Below has a bit better working though.

(.1.) Preparation

(1) Standard accessories

  1. LCD Digital Microscope
  2. USB cable
  3. Cleaning fabric
  4. Operation guide

(2) Parts Name & Functions

  1. 4.3* LCD display
  2. MicroTF card slot (MicroSD)
  3. LED brightness dimmer
  4. Wheel C
  5. Wheel A
  6. Focusing wheel (Wheel B)
  7. Microscope tubes
  8. Object stage
  9. Reset hole
  10. DC 5v input

(3) Function introduction

  1. MicroTF “MicroSD” card slot: Supports MicroTF “MicroSD” card (not equipped with this unit) up to 32GB, Including FAT, FAT32 two formats.
  2. Micro USB: DC 5V power supply and data transmission.
  3. Power ON/OFF: Short press the power button to enter the fire playback mode, long press to switch the machine ON/OFF.
  4. OK: Short press to take a photo, long press to record video, then press once to stop recording.
  5. Menu Setup: Short press to enter the menu page.  Here you can set the Language / LCD Brightness / Date and Time / Screen Saver / Power Frequency / Format / Default Setting / FW Version.
  6. Zoom out / Left: Photo mode, short press to zoom out, long press to rotate, other modes, move up or left.
  7. Zoom in / Right: Photo mode, short press to zoom in, other modes, move down or right.
  8. LED brightness adjustment: Can change from bright to dim.
  9. Focus adjustment wheel: Rotate this wheel to adjust to a clear image,
    NOTE I GOTTA STOP HERE: They say 50x and 1000x to clear interfaces.  There is no way this is a 1000X Microscope! Maybe 30x

(.2.) Steps for usage

(1) Standard mode

  1. Insert the MicroTF “MicroSD” card into the MicroTF “MicroSD” card slot; press gently until the card is locked. (NOTE: MicroTF “MicroSD” cards must be inserted to record and store pictures and videos).
  2. Long press ON/OFF button to turn the device on.
  3. Put object to the be observed onto the object stage, rotate wheel A and Wheel D to bring the object closer to the microscope tube.
  4. Rotate the wheel B left and right to get fine focus.
  5. When the object is in focus, Turn Wheel C clockwise to lock the object stage.

(2) U disk storage mode

Connect the microscope to your computer via a USB cable, turn on the device, select the “mass storage” mode, and view the stored photos and videos on your computer.

(3) PC mode

Note: The device button function is no longer active when working in PC mode.


A. Download and install the pieces from the link below:
B. Turn on the device and connect the device and the computer through the data cable, select PC Camera mode.
C. Open “Smart Camera”, click on the device in the settings, then select “GENERAL-UVC”, ready to use.


A. Turn on the device and connect the device and the computer through the data cable, select PC Camera mode.
B. Open the “Photo Booth” software in the Apple App.
C. Click on the Camera and select the “GENERAL-UVC”, ready to use.

Note: When working in PC mode, the device button function is no longer valid.

(.3.) Charge Battery

Dual power supply mode, 18650 battery can be used for a power supply or connected to a power supply.

A. 18650 battery powered:
Please use the standard 18650 battery and put it into the battery compartment on the back of the microscope panel.  It can be used directly when the battery is fully charged.

When the battery is weak, insert the small end of the power adapter into the DC 5V – in port on the left side of the panel, then plug the other end of the power adapter into the standard AC socket to charge the battery.  WAIT WHAT?  This is what the book says.  How can you over-complicate this?

Just get your Micro USB-B cable and plug it into the side and the other end into your USB charger.  Why is that so complicated.  I get they say you can take the battery out and plug it into a battery charger…I think…I’ll continue from there.

At this time, there will be a charging indication on the microscope panel.  When charging is completed.  The battery indicator is shown below.  (Mine never did)

B. Direct power supply:
Without the 18650 battery, the small end of the power adapter can be inserted into the DC 5V-port on the left side of the panel.  Then plug the other end of the power adapter into a standard AC outlet and supply power directly.   (OK I understand) lol.

(.4.) Specifications

Image Sensor 2M high-quality image Sensor
Magnifications 50x-1000x <–Nope! 10x to 50x
Display 4.3 inches TFT panel, 16:9
Focusing Range 0-40mm
Focus Mode Manual
Resolution 1920x1080P, 1280x960P, 640x480P
Data Format JPG/AVI
Light Source 8 LED lights (adjustable brightness)
Frame Rate 30fps
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8/10, Mac 10.5 or above, Raspberry Pi (media)
Interface USB 2.0
Lens Structure 2G+IR
Aperture F4.5
Lens Angle 16″
Language English / German / French / Spanis / Italian / Japanese / Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese / Portuguese / Korean
Size 210mm x 210mm x 135mm

(.5.) Troubleshooting

Problems Solution
The unit does not turn on 1. Does the battery have electricity?
2. Is the power supply connected?
Device crash 1. Use a fine pin to insert into the back reset hole, to reset the device.
The screen is blank 1. Confirm that the item to be enlarged is correctly positioned below the lens.
2. Whether the focal length has been adjusted to the optimal position.
3. Nothing is blocking the lens.
There are smudges or blemishes on the screen 1. Clean the screen and lens carefully with the soft fabric cloth.
The microscope is connected to the PC, and after downloading and opening the software, there is no image. 1. Reconnect the microscope to the PC.
2. Confirm to enter PC mode.
The microscope is connected to the PC, end and the TF card (MicroSD) cannot be read. 1. Reconnect the microscope and PC
2. Confirm to enter into Mass Storage mode.
The device does not turn on even if the power adapter is connected and plugged into the outlet. 1. Make sure the outlet is powered and there is no fault.
2. If the outlet is connected to the wall outlet switch,  make sure the switch is turned on.
3. Try another USB adapter or replace the battery.

Ongoing Issue with the firmware problem with Banggood will be listed here

Mustool G700

  • Tue, Dec 18, 2018 2:07 pm
    I’ve emailed Banggood that I apparently have an older version of the firmware on my Mustool G700 and requested a firmware patch for the Microscope.
    They wanted to know my Shipping Label / SKU Barcode / Order Number / Pictures and a Youtube video.   After supplying all of that I got an email back saying this:
  • Wed, Dec 19, 2018 1:32 am
    Thank you for your feedback regarding the item order “number”. We want to express our genuine apology for all inconvenience caused.
    In your case, after confirming with our seller, it turned out that the issue with your device is the result of the product’s manufacturing defect.
    Therefore, we will have to contact our supplier for a further solution to this issue, which may occupy 48 hours at most.
    Hopefully, we will provide you further solution within 48 hours. If by any chance you failed to receive a response from us, please feel free to contact us again for a further solution.
    If you have any other questions about our products please feel free to inquire.
    Wish you a good day.
    Best regard
  • So this is where I’m at for now.



Do you have it?   Got any questions about it?

Feel free to let me know below!


  1. Gbabriel Paduraru


    My Mustool mycroscope has a problem. I push on/off switch, it starts only the start picture and remains like this. Any switch I push it does not change. For turning off I must push the reset switch.

  2. Gabriel Paduraru


    I have a problem with my Mustool mycroscope. Whwn I start it it remains the start picture on display and nothing hapens. If I want to turn off, the switch don-t turn it off. I must push the reset switch. Can you helm me ?

    • Reply

      It sounds like a firmware issue. You will need to get it replaced. If there was a firmware update available which there is not, you could try that but unfortunately, you will need to get a refund or replacement.

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