EmulationStation CRT Dark Theme

EmulationStation CRT Dark Theme

With the amount of support and a large community backing Emulationstation with RetroPie, there is a ton of themes that have been created for the love of games.  One of those themes is CRT.
Full on Images of this theme below

CRT, an Emulationstation theme with video support.
A simple theme for Emulationstation and RetroPie with support for the video view added by fieldofcows. Originally based on the Carbon theme by Eric Hettervik, and then rebuilt from scratch by Anthony.
Ongoing in this thread: https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/7022/new-theme-crt-with-support-for-video-preview


The image of the theme below is a really nice UI design (Original CRT).   However, I love all things black for a UI experience.  For someone that does a lot of theming on Userstyles.org I thought I would tweak this theme as it is my favorite.

Original Image Source: https://retropie.github.io/RetroPie-Docs/Themes/

Changes v5

This is a more technical side of things.

  • Images
    All images that are located in crt-dark/_inc/images have been changed from .svg to .png.   I did this as it makes it more easy to use photoshop on these images.  They have all been altered to blend into the theme.
  • All 3 .xml sheets in crt-dark/_inc/templates have been altered. (4×3.xml 16×9.xml 16×10.xml)
    1) I have added background to basic,detailed,video.   This will show the secondary image in the games list location for all 3 settings.
    2) All .svg images have been changed to .png so they can connect to the changes I did in crt-dark/_inc/images
    3) Carousel background has been changed to black.
    4) All changes have been labeled <!–MY CHANGE–> so it makes it easy to see what I did.
    5) Backgrounds:
    4×3.xml uses 4×3-Mainscreen.png & 4×3-Gamelist.png
    16×9.xml uses16x9-Mainscreen.png &16×9-Gamelist.png
    16×10.xml uses16x10-Mainscreen.png &16×10-Gamelist.png
  • Sound
    sound.wav has been replaced and edited in Audacity.
  • Video
    static.mp4 was put together in Power Director.  I kept the Video size:
    The video is actually smaller than the original static.mp4  So that saves on theme size.


How To Install

I’m not completely sure how you will do it through the terminal but if you have the Pixel Desktop on RetroPie Perfect!

Download & Extract to Locations

  1. Download the zip here: CRT-Dark-V5
  2. In the Splashscreens folder, you will need to copy the images to
  3. Place the folder “crt-dark” from (Theme) folder to:
    If the themes folder does not exist, create it.

Size change (If Needed)

In the folder “crt-dark” you may need to change the size. (By default it’s set to 1920×1080 “16:9”)
If you are using a smaller resolution please follow this.

  • Open theme.xml in “crt-dark” (open with leafpad).
  • You will see the line: <include>./_inc/templates/16×9.xml</include> change to any of the following.
  • <include>./_inc/templates/4×3.xml</include>
    Used for screens that are the size of the gameboy.
  • <include>./_inc/templates/16×9.xml</include>
    Desktop size (1920×1080)
  • <include>./_inc/templates/16×10.xml</include>
    Desktop size (1280×720)

7″ touchscreen (Recommended Size)

16×9 looks great on the 7″ touchscreen if you set the resolution to:
You can do that in the /boot/config.txt

EmulationStation – RetroPie Screen Settings

Now your done in the LXDE desktop.

  1. Press Start / Shutdown / Exit to command line
  2. Click on RetroPie / Splash Screens / Choose splashscreens (from /home/pi/RetroPie/splashscreens)
    Choose your size.  If you don’t see the splashscreens go back to (Download & Extract to Locations) section 2.
  3. Change Theme
    Change to: Basic / Detailed / Video

You’re now done.


Credit / Original Work

These have been modified and added into the theme.

CRT License




Menu Screen

Basic Gamelist

Detailed Gamelist

Video Gamelist

Now I have a nicer version of CRT.   Do you like it?
Do you think this should be added into Retropie?

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