These are the changes to the site and the content.


v4.04 Sun Aug 30 Year 2020 Time 10:11:50 pm
  • Replaced the old Forked PageBuilder for the Original.  A few pages needed to be rebuilt and now complete.   This will bring new features to the site.
  • Removed Livestream Page
  • Updated LiveChat to now upload images, Changed the UI to a dark theme.  Better on the eyes and looks cleaner.
  • Updated Sites Core.
v4.03 Sat May 16 Year 2020 Time 1:45:13 pm
  • Fixed help page showing backend content category instead.
v4.02.1 Tue May 06 Year 2020
  • – MST: 10:00 AM Backend settings complete.  Website stable. Soon you will see it back up and running.
  • – MST: 10:10 AM Hardening Security.
  • – MST: 10:35 AM Backing up data…
  • – MST: 12:51 PM Fully completed the website move and fixed all the small issues.
  • More power, faster speeds, no more downtime.
v4.02 Tue May 05 Year 2020
  • – MST: 11:00 AM Backed all website data and it’s files locally.
  • – MST: 4:18 PM Canceled Godaddy Private Domain Registration
  • – MST: 5:53 PM Canceled Godaddy Domain Registration.
  • – MST: 6:00 PM Domain Transfer to another register complete.
  • – MST: 8:33 PM Migration is complete. Checking everything over.
  • – MST: 9:50 PM Working with settings in the server backend.
  • – MST: 12:00 AM Work paused for the night.
v4.01 Tue Mar 08 Year 2020 Time 4:18:36 pm
  • Created live chat room.
v4.00 Tue Jan 14 Year 2020 Time 6:43:28 pm
  • I pulled a ditsy move and added: <script rel=”nofollow” src=”code.js”></script> to the header.
    This created 404 return errors for users and my firewall kept throttling their connection.  It’s been removed.
  • One More Step ReCAPTCHA has been enabled for certain countries.  You can learn more here:
v3.30 Tue Dec 10 Year 2019 Time 8:46:17 pm
  • Updated the Privacy Policy
  • Added the ability to review products by email besing sent to the customer.
    This means you can review with stars, comments, and images. This helps the ability for visitors to know it’s an authentic purchase.  It also shows the account is Authorised.  Meaning that a person actually downloaded the product.
  • Fixed Gravatar images not showing due to Lazy Load.
v3.29 Fri Oct 18 Year 2019 Time 10:01:42 am
  • Corrected a problem that was reported with two Minecraft builds from not downloading and giving a 404 error.
    Map – Castle Siege Mini-Game
    Map – Laden Capture The Flag
v3.28 Wed Oct 16 Year 2019 Time 5:33:15 pm
  • Finally fixed the mobile version from maxing out server resources.
    So mobile devices can now enter the site once again.
v3.27 Sat Oct 12 Year 2019 Time 8:30:26 pm
  • Fixed a few product pages not displaying some images.
  • Fixed a repeating issue that blocks the ability to not let you change open pricing in the shop.
  • Added Ads for now.  I haven’t updated the privacy policy just yet as I’m not sure if I’ll keep them yet or now.
    All ads run on the blog pages.   All Ads are disabled in the shop and shop pages.
  • Security against bad bots has hardened.  Not bulletproof but = better security.
v3.26 Mon Sep 9 Year 2019 Time 12:40:42 pm
  • Moved around the site links in the top navbar/menu and footer.
  • Updated Privacy Policy & Terms of Use
  • Updated the Follow Me navbar links and removed Google + since it’s no longer a thing.  Paypal link works.  You should try it! ?
  • Fixed issue with Open Pricing not letting you select the number.
  • Fixed some Catagory pages not displaying the correct width.
  • Removed pages.  All have been redirected to the home page.
  • Hardened security against pesky hacker bots.
v3.25 Tue Aug 13 Year 2019 Time 7:39:50 pm
  • The mysterious issue with thumbnails has now been fixed!
    Some posts were affected by the gremlin bug and have been dealt with accordingly to the bottom of my pretend shoe!
v3.24 Tue Aug 06 Year 2019 Time 1:04:17 pm
  • Working on fixing broken thumbnails that mysteriously decided to glitch out.
  • For a couple of weeks, I have been compressing and removing images to speed up pages.
  • Noticed that the caching plugin I’m using has made the template on this home page not be inline at the bottom.  Working on a solution.
v3.23 Sun Jun 16 Year 2019 Time 8:39:41 pm
  • Speed
    Working on trying to speed this site up.  It’s getting to be harder as the site is growing and traffic is becoming larger.  It’s in desperate needs for an upgrade.  I’m not sure when, but it’s already showing its 503 error issues BIG time.
  • Mobile Devices Blocked & Redirected
    A phone just loading the site can bring it to a 503 error. I’m not sure what the problem is but it’s got something to do with my theme.
  • Cache has been enabled
    All pages are being duplicated as an HTML page so the server does not need to keep rebuilding it from scratch and using up those needed resources.   You should see a speed difference but only works when you’re not signed in to your accounts.  This does not affect the store on checkout.
v3.22 Thu May 9 Year 2019 Time 10:35:34 am
  • I’m happy to say, All pages now have the secure SSL lock.
  • In the last couple of days, I did a lot of work on the backend and it looks like it was all worth it.   A bit faster, up to date, and now fully secure SSL from Cloudflare.
v3.21 Wed May 8 Year 2019 Time 3:12:29 pm
  • Fixed an issue with Chrome showing a shield labeled (Insecure content blocked)
    This was due to an SSL issue with HTTP links not forced to HTTPS.  This fixed a lot of backend issues of the site.
  • Updated core features.
  • Updated the core engine of the site.
  • Compressed site images to help speed the site up a bit.
  • Ran a health check of the site and made some performance fixes.
  • Cleaned up useless code.
  • My Domain is now 100% supporting HTTPS requests.
  • I was able to run a padlock on a few pages.   Others won’t because some links still are still HTTP.  Therefore a caution icon is viewable on the browser.
  • Updated PHP version.
  • Ran a malware tool just to check the server and all the scripts.  Everything is in good shape.
  • The site is a bit faster and running great.
v3.20 Tue Apr 16 Year 2019 Time 11:40:23 am
  • Updated the contact form.   It now has a few other features to help with the contact.
v3.19 Wed Mar 13 Year 2019 Time 2:02:58 pm
  • Fixed a few issues with SSL https not displaying the favicon.   That’s the browser tab icon.
  • Fixed well, removed my old 404 pages with a dead link for just the basic 404 error page as my custom one won’t display properly with SSL. (https)
v3.18 Wed Mar 12 Year 2019 Time 10:32:08 pm
  • I moved my domain DNS servers to Cloudflare for SSL security to this site.
  • All HTTP pages now get forward to https to keep your search data encrypted on this site.  It’s just another layer of security for the shop users entering in there account information to and with Paypal.
v3.17 Fri Nov 23 Year 2018 Time 8:05:28 pm
  • Removed the donation plugin as it was a resource hog and other plugins that are not needed.
v3.16 Fri Nov 9 Year 2018 Time 4:42:01 pm
  • Pulled a lot of dead posts and pages.
  • Pulled all Portfolio pages as they were never visited or rarely.
  • Pulled everything on Abadore City as it was rarely visited.
  • Pulled a lot of tags and categories that haven’t been used.
  • I did a lot of backend work with the website.
  • Fixed a couple of Minecraft pages that had some of the Portfolio pages added and had those links removed.
  • All the pages that have been removed now will redirect to the home page of this site to miss the 404 page from being visited.
v3.15 Tue Oct 30 Year 2018 Time 4:50:12 pm
  • Quite a bit of background updates have been done to the core service.
  • Added Matnence Mode to the server.  To stop high traffic when the core is being updated.
  • Changed footer layout.
  • Some pages have been fixed.
v3.14 Tue Oct 04 Year 2018 Time 10:42:39 am
  • Fixed the buttons on the mobile version of the shop.
  • Fixed the title on one of the blog posts from overlapping the column.
  • Moved the Donation Amount on the Minecraft maps under the title of the posts.
v3.13 Tue Oct 03 Year 2018 Time 12:15:01 pm
  • Shop: Downloads are back online.
    After a month I disabled them over issues with Mojang.   You can now choose to support my work or choose to download for free.
  • Shop: Nasher Grove City Library “will not” be downloadable.
    I chose this choice because I still think it should be a paid download but complications with Mojang I chose to not release it.
  • Terms and Privacy has changed.
v3.12 Tue Aug 7 Year 2018 Time 9:37:44 am
v3.11 Tue Feb 6 Year 2018 Time 10:51:15 am
  • Changed mail system to [email protected] instead of the default one Godaddy provides.
    I did this because they want to charge over $140 a year on a limited mail system.    Not worth it.
    So the shop system should now show the emails are from there and the contact forum sends to that email.   So business as usual.
v3.10 Tue Jan 16 Year 2018 Time 1:37:18 pm
  • Deleted some plugins to speed up the website.
  • Changed some elements on the sidebars.
  • Tweaked and cleaned up some shop pages.
  • Fixed some issues in the shop core settings.
v3.00 Mon Jan 8 Year 2018 Time 11:26:29 am
  • Product Category Column re-aligned for mobile devices.
  • Removed Product Carousel because of conflicts with Ads plugin.
  • Ads plugin may have some issues with creating its own scroll bar on pages.
    Still trying to figure out a solution to this issue.  It creates problems with creating posts or on existing ones.
  • Security has been updated.
v2.15 Sun Nov 12 Year 2017 Time 10:37:21 pm
  • Deleted the page Minecraft.
    No need to have it when the shop has all the downloads.
  • Changes to the main header links.
    Moved Minecraft blog link from Home to Blog dropdown.
    Added some categories to the shop like free and paid or PS3 & Xbox 360.
v2.14 Thu Oct 26 Year 2017 Time 10:08:29 pm
  • Finished SEO titles on blog pages.
  • Tweaked menu to have Blog / Shop and Portfolio to be displayed in front and not in a submenu.
  • Added Orders Downloads Login/Logout to the top menu on the right.  They are the same that’s in the submenu of Account on the main menu.
  • Added a Halloween type banner to DestructiveBurn.
  • Fixed shop from not displaying new content first on load.
v2.13 Tue Oct 25 Year 2017 Time 10:49:22 pm
  • Worked on fixing some Blog posts on SEO issues.
    I still have a few to do.
  • Added a new page called: OPPS PAGE DELETED
    This means that If I delete a page it will redirect to this page instead of the 404 not found.  Just another cheeky way of saying the page did exist but no longer does.
v2.12 Tue Oct 24 Year 2017 Time 8:33:27 pm
  • Worked on some new categories.
  • Some Minecraft maps will start to support PS3 now.
  • Tweaked Add to cart button on the shop.
v2.11 Mon Oct 23 Year 2017 Time 9:34:53 pm
  • Tweaked the core of the site.
  • Tweaked the header.
  • Added better security.
  • Fixed Shop template on mobile devices not showing padding on the right and left.
v2.10 Wen Oct 4 Year 2017 Time 2:39:14 pm
  • Added Product Vendors.
    This gives the ability for chosen users who can sell Minecraft Worlds/Schematics on this website.
v2.05 Sun Sep 24 Year 2017 Time 6:12:08 pm
  • Changed the footer.  Made it better.
v2.00 Fri Sep 22 Year 2017 Time 6:12:08 pm
  • Moved all content from Downloads to Product (Shop) pages.
    Big job, had to create new pages and moved all the content.  All maps/schematics were re-uploaded.  Images were downsized for faster load times.  This gives the ability to also run a shipping shop that’s not just digital downloads and for the next best thing for the next update.
  • Added new categories.
  • Added Shop sidebar.
    Now has great things for navigation through the shop.
  • Added redirects to the old links for callback.
v1.08 Thu Aug 17 Year 2017 Time 1:48:29 pm
  • Removed a lot of useless old content and plugins that caused problems.
  • Cleaned up the download pages for SEO reasons.
v1.07 Mon Jul 31 Year 2017 Time 3:12:47 pm
  • Updated the template theme CSS.
  • Added Chat to all download pages.
  • Added Terms of Use
  • Added Support
  • Remove F.A.Q.
v1.06 Thu Jun 29 Year 2017 Time 9:45:10 pm
  • Updated the menu’s Moved links into sub-menus.
  • Changed the menu color from white to black.
  • Removed header image.  Looks cleaner now.
  • Updated the slider on the main page.
  • Added security to the website.
  • You can now add Images/Videos (mp4) to your profiles. (1GB max) if you want me to raise the size just let me know.
    Uploading Pornography/Copyright Content will get you banned and deleted.  I cannot risk the ads I have on this site.
  • Some pages do not have ads.  These pages are:
    Home/Minecraft/Register/Login/Members/User/Password Reset/Checkout/Purchase Confirmation/Purchase History and more.
    Blog pages/Downloads still have ads.  Please remove ad blockers.  Support the site, please.
  • UI changed a bit.  Nothing too exciting.
v1.05 Sat Jun 17 Year 2017 Time 9:32:41 pm
  • Finished all the download pages to have sliders.
  • Removed some tabs.
  • Did some more CSS styling to the template.
  • Currently working on Minecraft Page to make it a featured page.
v1.04 Fri Jun 16 Year 2017 Time 9:31:24 pm
  • Added security to admin login and disabled
  • Added Change Log page
  • Still fixing content to work with the new template
v1.03 Thu Jun 15 Year 2017 Time 10:12:07 pm
  • Added Profile builder.  You can now make your own profile.
v1.02 Wen Jun 14 Year 2017 Time 1:05:32 pm
  • Purchased Melos (Pro) Theme from Think Up Themes Ltd
  • I started to rebuild all the content of the site.
v1.01 Fri May 19 Year 2017 Time 8:40:01 am
  • Started adding plugins and content like:
    Easy Digital Downloads
v1.00 Thu May 18 Year 2017 Time 7:12:43 pm
  • Paid for Server & Domain
  • Created the website
  • Learning to build it