Setup Retropie and Pixel Desktop

Setup Retropie and Pixel Desktop Step-by-Step for Raspberry Pi 3 Super Easy Hello, I’ve rebuilt this how to install page. This took me a couple day’s to rebuild.  You won’t find a better-detailed tutorial.   This is it.  Everything you need all in one shot with images to boot. Please support my work.  You can donate

PocketJuice test on Raspberry Pi 3B

PocketJuice 8000mAh & 12000mAh test with Raspberry Pi 3B Back in Thu Apr 05, 2018 I was looking around for a power bank that will run my Pi and the 7″ touchscreen without needing to find a random battery, build some power circuit to step up or step down the voltage and so on.   I wanted

1920×1080 DB Wallpapers With DB Logo

1920×1080 DB Wallpapers With DB Logo These DB Wallpapers were tweaked for the Raspberry Pi Pixel Desktop (LXDE)  However can be used on anything you like. Right click on the images and open in a new tab.  Then Right click to save to desktop. Blocks Location Credit: City Painting Location Credit: Hill Top Location

8bitdo SN30 Pro – Retropie How To Setup & Review

8bitdo SN30 Pro/SF30 Pro Raspberry Pi Retropie How To Setup and Review The Raspberry Pi running RetroPie is an amazing little retro gaming single board computer.  Playing games from Dos to PS1 (Not including All N64 games) can take all sorts of controllers that are USB to Bluetooth.   I have a couple of controllers like the