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Welcome is a website that hosts information on product reviews, different articles, that are mentioned on the Youtube Channel DestructiveBurn.   Sometimes in the reviews done, this extra information found here can be extremely useful for that particular review.

This website is controlled by one person.  You can learn more about me here: DestructiveBurn
I’m a big fan of Minecraft and one of the most popular things on this site is the Worlds and Schematics I share in the Minecraft Shop that you can download for your own entertainment.

I try to keep the site simple and easy to navigate. I focus more on the Shop and the Blog.


The Shop

The shop is the most popular and most of the traffic comes from the Minecraft Shop.  Some of the most popular builds are:

There are plenty of others but that’s just 7 of them.  Mostly all Minecraft builds hosted on this website are mine.  However, there are exceptions.  Only two other people have some of their own builds on here. LadenEmperor & CreativePatches.

The shop is what keeps this website online.  Some builds have paywalls and some do not. Some are Open pricing.  I believe if the customer cannot help to support for some reason, I won’t stop them from downloading.  However, I DO NOT like it when someone abuses the name creation.  That ends up as an instant site ban as the shop creates order forums.

In the future, the shop will host other things digital as well.


The Blog

The blog is the location where all the reviews and extra information is stored.   The blog is the second place for most traffic. the most popular posts are:

There are plenty more but these are the most popular because I go into massive detail, at least 6 of them do for sure.  There are all kinds of blog pages like Recipes.


Live Chat

This is the latest feature added to  I added this because I get a lot of people contacting me by email through the contact form on this site over all sorts of things.  Some of them do not own social media accounts from other websites.  For troubleshooting issues, emails can take a long time to respond back and forth.

I added the live chat to solve this issue.  Anyone can go onto the chat and say hello in the global chat.  However, with the global chat, anyone can see what information you add, so it also has the ability to send private messages.  You don’t need an account.  You can just go on there as Anonymous and change your Anonymous name if you wish.   You can create an account in My Account and have a proper account name.

I’m usually on there every day.  So come say hello.  If I’m not, that chat does also have another feature.  You can send an offline message.  The next time I’m on, I can see it.  If I’m offline, it’s best just to contact me from the contact email form.  I respond faster that way unless I’m on in the chat.

Yes, you can use it with your friends if you wish.
Surprisingly I’ve had quite of few conversations with people in the chat.


Overall is a website mostly for information on certain things and digital downloads.  The future of DestructiveBurn will continue and possibly get something else cool. is a website that hosts information on product reviews, different articles, that are mentioned on the Youtube Channel DestructiveBurn.